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is your home

war is your destiny

Become a chief of a tribal village in the middle of
an endless jungle

build its structures, defend it from enemies, attack hostile tribes and get recognized as a master of strategy in a new massively multiplayer online strategy game - Jungle Wars!
the king of
the jungle!

Long live the chief of the village!

Congratulations! You are the chief of your own tribe now! And it means both power and responsibility: you are obliged to build, control and develop your village.

You need to decide where to place the buildings and how to benefit from them – all to ensure long and undisturbed life of your people. Don′t forget that the arrangement of your buildings, defence objects and traps is crucial in case you are attacked! And make sure you keep upgrading your objects to next levels because that’s what makes them more efficient and more resistant to external dangers!


Totem is the heart of your village. Its development gives you access to new and more advanced buildings. Make sure it′s well protected because losing the Totem equals losing the war!


Farms are used to produce food, which then can be exchanged for new objects. Increase the capacity of your pantries if you want to store more food - it will allow you to buy more expensive buildings and upgrade existing ones.


Altars are places where you produce mana, a precious stone, which is necessary for purchasing new and more powerful objects. Protect your mana storages because that’s what hostile armies look for!


Defensive objects, like walls, traps and towers guarantee safety to your village. And remember that you can increase their strength and firepower - the more advanced objects you have, the less prone to attacks you are.


Training facilities allow you to form a strong and invincible army. You will need powerful troops to survive in the jungle!

The law of the jungle
kill or be killed

How to survive among hostile tribes? Follow the basic code of survival in the jungle and “eat or be eaten”!


Build walls

Build defensive walls and different types of towers to increase the safety of your village. These objects will stop the enemies from plundering your resources.

Summon and attack

Summon your warriors, attack other tribes and capture valuable loots. When you develop the structures of your village, you get access to better troops: devastating gorillas, smart and sneaky spiders, explosive bombers or powerful shamans. Remember that different villages require different warrior types in order to get them destroyed!

Be social

Be social, ally with your friends, support them in their conquests and ask for help in your own battles. Powerful alliances give you a better chance to establish strong dominance in the jungle and help you keep the top position in the ranking.

Take part in the competition
show who rules in the jungle!

Jungle Wars is a perfect game for those who want to prove their strategic skills, both in defensive and offensive actions. Become a chief of a tribe village and show others that you are the king of the jungle!

Protect your village from enemies by building and upgrading different defence objects: the Mortar, the Shaman Tower and others.

Develop your village and upgrade buildings to enhance your position amongst other chiefs and to unlock new elements in the game.

Take vengeance on your foes who have plundered your land.

Form a powerful army of specialized units - if you deploy them wisely on the battle field, you will gain a crushing victory over hostile tribes.

Follow the ranking of your victorious attacks, successful defences and of cups earned for the battles.

Check your battle log every day to follow the actions of your enemies

Experience unforgettable emotions thanks to the extraordinary graphics, which will transfer you to a mysterious and gloomy world of the wilderness.

compete with your friends and players from around the world in battles, where valuable loots are at stake!